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Originally Posted by EricForman
dude dallas fans were the worse over the playoffs.

first, during first round, they were talking smack, since the Mavs were the only team to dominate the first round while seemingly every other team had a competitive series

then, Mavs fans got stupid and got upset at Michael Finley because he was playing well for the Spurs, they claimed he must have slacked off in his Dallas days because "had never played this good with us". They claimed Jason Terry, in his second season with the Mavs are already more popular and have done more for the franchise than Finley ever did. Just total disrespect and ignorance by supposed true "Dallas fans". Then when Jason Terry pulled a moronic move by punching Finley, the Mavs fans blamed Finley, they got upset at Finley and called him names, all because he got punched, as if there was something Finley could have done to prevent that, and somehow, Jason Terry escapes all blames and becomes victim of David Stern, if Finley was White, I bet the MAvs fans would have even pulled the race card.

then, the Mavs fans argue that Dirk is ON Duncan's level career wise. I had to bring up all of Duncan's accomplishments and how he's already a top 15 player for those guys to get reasonable and say "well, Dirk is on Duncan level right now". Then people start bashing Duncan saying he was overrated and he wasn't a top 10 player in the league because he only averaged 18 points per game.

during the Spurs/Mavs series, the Mavs got some of most one sided call I can remember, such as at the end of game 4, when Dirk drove to the hoop, tried to create space by pushing off his with his off arm, all Bowen did was stick out his arm to block the shove, and the refs called a foul on Bowen, giving Dirk two free throws to tie the game with like 4 seconds left in the game. The contact occured when Dirk had just started his move, it did not affect his shot, it didn't affect anything, throw in the fact that Dirk initiated the contact and it's ridiculous for the refs to make that call against the Spurs in a game of that magnitude.

The Mavs fans then got defensive when just about every non Mavs fans, including TV sports analyst talking about what a horrible call that was, they bought up how Duncan shot more free throws than Dirk, although Duncan's game tends to draw more free throws because Dirk is a jump shooter.

In the finals, Stackhouse runs full speed at Shaq and shoves him in midair , if Shaq wasn't 300 pounds, if it was a normal person, he woulda flipped upside down and landed on his neck. But Mavs fans got upset because the league decided to suspend Stackhouse for that.

After the Mavs go up 2-0, the Mavs fans brag nonstop, claiming it would be a sweep, total cockiness on this board.

Then game 3 happened "It's only only one game, we'll still take this in 5"

then game 4 happened "no biggie they just did what they had to do, defend homecourt"

then game 5 happened ........ less talking....

then game 6 happened ....... total silence, followed by
If you are really moronic enough to believe that the Spurs series had one sided officiating helping the mavs I question how it is that you are smart enough to remember to breath.
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