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Originally Posted by EricForman
nice way to counter without actually disputing anything i wrote, clown.

and i didn't write any conspiracy theory, i just wrote that ONE call on Bruce Bowen was ridiculous and any non Mavs fans will probably agree, from the replay angle it's just absolutely horrible call, Dirk stuck out the arm to push off, all Bowen did was try to push Dirk's arm out of the way and that's a call for the game winning free throws giving the Mavs a 3-1 lead. In one of nthe closest series in years, the Mavs received two of these calls, the other one was Tim Duncan's sixth foul in game 3, when Dirk drove at Duncan, Duncan basically was back peddaling but Dirk stepped on Duncan's foot and Duncan fouled out due to that. this is Tim Freaking Duncan, a top 15 player all time, fouling out becaue he was backing up and Dirk ran into him. You think Magic, Kobe, Jordan, Bird would ever foul out like that? I don't think so.

duncan was in the restricted area so thats an automatic foul. I always find it hilarious how people ignore the absurd calls Duncan got all series, especially in games 1 and 7, where the refs were basically trying to hand the series to Spurs. And anyways, that call in game 4, eithe r way, dirk likely would have made that shot anyways.
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