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Originally Posted by EricForman
HAHAHA you went through the trouble of probably going through 10, 15 pages just to bump this thread for the purpose of rubbing it in Tmac fans face.

Well, honestly, Dirk was already better than Tmac last year before this season started, so why do it now?

Don't even get me started on their respective careers, one guy couldn't get out of the first round and has been on three or four lottery teams while another has had several playoff runs with totally different supporting casts. Now I'll admit, Dirk has had more help and talent, but to do it so many years and come up huge like he did in the playoffs last year, that puts him above Tmac.

(and to people bringing up Dirk choking in the finals, please stop being ignorant, the guy played pantheon ball all playoffs and was still pretty good in the finals, he just wasn't as good as DWade, that doesn't = "choking". )

I'm also no fan of Dirk, considering I laugh at Mavs fans who put him on Duncan level, but hey, facts are facts, Dirk has been better than Tmac since last year already, and their careers ain't even close, you're talking about one career filled with playoff runs and a possible ring down the line vs a guy who's best playoff moment was dunking on Shawn Bradley.

I'm not a moron homer who says that Dirk is easily better than Duncan, because as much as I hate him, I still think Duncan is probably the best PF to ever play the game. However, I don't see how you can laugh when people say he's on Duncan's level. Yes, Duncan has 3 rings, so I am not putting the Mavericks on the Spurs level. However, it is wrong to say Dirk's not on Duncan's level.
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