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Originally Posted by FabCasablancas
David Robinson was one of the best bigmen to ever play the game. If you don't think that helped Duncan tremendously you are beyond dim. Look at Duncan's assist per game drop since DRob left. Everyone used to think he was a great passer.. now he's nothing special..

Look at Zo and Shaq's weak stats in the Finals.. yet without them Wade wouldn't have won jack. And Shaq was still the true MVP of the Finals.. if you can't see that now by the Heat's horrible play without Shaq nothing will help you.
and you wonder why i dislike being called a dirk groupie. Dirk is my favorite player. I have no qualms about saying that but its people like this that I would consider "groupies" He is REALLY reaching and the whole purpose of it is just to make dirk look good when all you need to do for that is to point to dirks play.

Is dirk as good as duncan for his career? No. Does it matter? No because duncan isnt what he once was either.
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