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Default Re: Realistic aspirations for the Rockets this season?

Originally Posted by insidehoops
What do you think realistic goals are for the Rockets this season?

Flirt with making the playoffs?
Seeing Tracy McGrady recover and keep his name on the map?

Thank you for making a thread. This forum was DEAD lol. We have had talks about this, but we never really had a thread about it. I think the Rockets can make the playoffs. We will have to play with a fast tempo since we don't have any 7 footers. I believe we can play well like how we did against the Lakers without Yao and McGrady. (Mutombo as well.)

For McGrady, I think this is his last chance to do something. If he goes out with another injury, or doesn't do as well as planned, I don't think he'll be back next year. I would hate to see him go because I know what he brings, but thats what its looking like right now.
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