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duncan is still a great passer, and robinson has NOTHING on him, robinson made duncan ? my ass ! robinson was an overrated softie and olajuwon's biatch, you are beyond stupid if you think robinson was anything more than a top notch coat-tail rider.

You have just proven you are an idiot. Duncan was a great scorer.. but that is the only thing he did as wella s Robinson when he came in the league.

sorry, but if you average 13 points in a series, you arent mvp.

Says who? Shaq was the only one being constantly doubled and tripled which allwoed Wade o get all the points he got. Duncan doesn't lead every game in points either, and he is surrounded by scrubs.. does that mean he isn't MVP?

Anyone that thinks Wade is better than Ducnan has rocks for brains. The only reason Wade beat Dirk was because of Shaq. Becuase both Dirk and Duncan are better than Wade.

That shouldn't even need to be pointed out.
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