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Default Re: Preseason is over! The Nets Won!

Originally Posted by el gringos
I'm a huge fan of... yi- though I want your team to trade yi to the nuggets I think your frontline could be a good match
really? even though he's been so inconsistent and disappointing his first two years? not to mention his game is poorly-rounded in terms of basic PF skills... at least that's been the case for most of his career.

Are you guys still thinking twilliams is a sf? I've not seen much but thought hed have to play gaurd 1 or 2 to be really good in the nba
i don't think anyone knows yet. he has skills at the first three positions and it's going to take time to figure out how best to play him, notwithstanding the fact that he still hasn't played a regular-season minute yet and logically still has a lot of development ahead of him.
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