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Default Re: Top 5 WRs in the NFL...

Originally Posted by RedZiggyZag
Is he the #1 WR on the Cowboys now? I have Roy Williams on my fantasy team and he's been nothing but a disappointment for me. I thought he was actually going to get a breakout season, since he was the suppose featured WR. He was pretty good in Week 1, but it was against teh Bucs. I remember in Madden 10, Miles Austin had like 200 yards against me before the real NFL season started.
I think that right now Miles Austin has to be considered the #1 in Dallas...

ESPNs top 3 fantasy busts:

1. Matt Forte
2. Roy Williams
3. Steve Smith (Carolina)

yeah, we all had high hopes for Roy, and I bet he will still have 2-3 games this year where he puts up good numbers, but I think it is becoming a reality that he just isn't a legit #1...

he doesn't suck, he is still a big huge WR with good hands, but people just need to stop looking at him as somehting more than just a "decent" WR...
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