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Default Re: Top 5 WRs in the NFL...

@ Randy Moss being #1.

A. Johnson, Fitz, Smith, Moss and Cal. Johnson are my top five.
How did Ochocinco get back on people's list? Oh yeah I forgot Palmer is finally healthy, the same inconsistent logic that most fans use.

You put Smith on Indianapolis, New England, Cincinnati, Minnesota or any other team with a legit QB; and watch him flourish. Randy Moss last year was no where to be found once Tom Brady was lost for the season, Ochocinco's name hardly came up at all the last two years with an injured Palmer; I haven't even heard about Owens in Buffalo since the beginning of the year.

Yet for the last half decade we heard Smith's name a lot and yet he has played with a QB twice as bad as any of those legit receivers play with. I love cheering for guys like Smith, who are undersized, wear their heart on their sleeves and sacrifice their bodies for the benefit of the team. This guy is fearless and emotional, I pray Minnesota make a move for him. I want him to finish off his career playing with a good QB so people can truly appreciate how good this midget is.

I have always root for a Cinderella story in this league, and Smith defines that script.
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