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Default Re: Top 5 WRs in the NFL...

Originally Posted by TruthKGRay3412
Watch the Pats more..Randy catches passes all over the field.
Ever heard of the term blocking? Moss Isn't the best at that. If we were just mainly talking about ability to catch the ball, sure you could say he's #1. But there are so many other variables to consider like blocking, which is something Hines Ward is great at, considered the best blocking WR in the league, though he's dirty.

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
they are required unless your name is Jerry Rice...

or Steve Smith, except, even though Smith is small, he still has freakish speed...faster than White

Fitz is slow for a WR though...buthe is so huge that it just doesn't matter...

White is awesome and all, but I just don't think he has the tools to be up there with Calvin and Moss...
I agree that Roddy White isn't up there with the real elite WRs, but He's very fast....he doesn't have the explosive speed that a Randy Moss or Andre Johnson has, Fitzgerald doesn't have it either though. But he's very fast in general speaking. There's just something about him that doesn't make him elite, it's hard to describe if you watch him play you would know what I'm talking about. I'm not a fan of Roddy White anyways.

By the way.....Reggie Wayne isn't the most explosive or fastest WR in the league either and he's certianly better than White or certainly up there to be mentioned as a Top 5 WR in the league.
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