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Default Re: Top 5 WRs in the NFL...

Originally Posted by GOBB
No he's rated just fine. Welker benefits greatly from Moss.
That's pretty true that he gets help from Moss a lot, I doubt he'd be as great as the #1 guy. He's arguably the most consistent WR in the league though, He's the only one that consistent plays week in and week out and gets the same numbers every time almost. He's a bit underrated, but he'll never be a dominant #1 WR.

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
all those guys in the the top 5 are big tall huge ridiculously fast freaks of nature...

White is not...
Well like I said, Wayne ain't a freak of nature and he's average in stature. Same goes for Ochocinco. Neither are really tall, both are amazing at route running though and both have amazing hands.

Ochocinco is just like Moss, they both need a dominant and consistent QB in order to be dominant themselves, then again most WRs in the NFL need that unless your name is Calvin Johnson.
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