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1. Marcus Williams- Makes others better. Best skill to have
2. Randy Foye- Hopefully can become a point guard. Excellent scorer.
3. Mardy Collins- Excellent defender can play two positions. Crap shooter.
4. Sergio Rodriguez- Spectacular passer but t/o prone. A great or a bust
5. Kyle Lowry- Fantastic passer, should be a career starter if in the right situation. (Atlanta!)

1. Brandon Roy- What doesn't he do well?
2. JJ Redick- Ranked highly because his shooting skills are a great attribute. Should be one of the best shooters the league has ever seen.
3. James White- Light years ahead of other draftees in defense and passing. Supposedly his shot is looking good. Almost at Roy's level.
4. Rodney Carney- Is just athletic, needs more of an offensive game and defense to cut in on the next level. Too short to be a small forward and a poor ball handler for a guard.
5. Maurice Ager- From a good program and plays with great intensity. Good defender, excellent ball handler, dynamic scorer.

1. Adam Morrison- A go to guy. No one else in this draft has that title. This guy is a possible franchise player. I'm not sold on anyone else in this draft being that.
2. Rudy Gay- Athletic, extremly gifted, ready to improve, but lacklustre.
3. PJ Tucker- If he had Gay's skill set he would be the number 1 pick. To small for small forard and to slow to be a shooting guard. No jumper.
4. Shawne Williams- Another lacklustre player in the mold of Rudy Gay, a great great scorer though, is an average defender at best.
5. Louis Amundson- A hustle guy, and a tweener. Will get court time with hustle alone. A David lee type IMO.

1. Shelden Williams- The beast. Will dominate the boards in his rookie campaign. Coaches will struggle to keep him on the bench.
2. Andrea Bargani- Looks silky smooth and is committed to defense as well. Needs to add weight to his frame fro mas far as I can see. Does some good damage against very good competition.
3. Leon Powe- If his knees hold out should be a lottery player. So dominate, reminds me a lot of a young Charles Barkley. Will be an absolute steal for whatever team gets him.
4. Tyrus Thomas- Bust. Athletic bust. Hype driven up by the play of his great teammates. Shawn Marion produced in college, Thomas didn't.
5. Cedric Simmons- The equivalent of Tyrus Thomas but isn't a tweener. Should be a good reserve big for his career.

1. Lamarcus Aldridge- A solid big man who can score facing up and posting up. Athletic shot blocker, great at running the floor. Would suit Atlanta's style of play or Charlotte's.
2. Hilton Armstrong- An excellent shot blocker, with great timing. He will also need to bulk up, otherwise he is a career resrve.
3. Patrick O'Bryant- Project big man, with a huge wingspan. Only some one game but shows a nice hook shot, nice timing for blocks and has big mitts for catching passes. Should be a good player down the track.
4. Paul Davis- Relentless rebounder. He should have a similar career to Jeff Foster mixed with Chris Mihm.
5. Saer Sene- Project. Never seen him. But he has a huge wingspan and has to be better than Pittsnogle.
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