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Default Re: Week 8 NFL point spreads...

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
no bet is 100%

but the Titans have proven to suck...and Fisher also thinks that Kerry Collins gives them the best chance to win but the owner stepped in and forced Vince on them...(sure you already know this)

and Vince Young SUUUUUCKS...

serioulsy, how the hell are they favored in this???

it seems like a good one to me...
Alright well I can't do anything besides lend my thoughts. Every time I've strongly encouraged you stay away from a line or to bet heavily on a line I've been right (if you actually care to go back and check)...

Regardless you may be right and JAX may cover but this is a red flag game one that won't have a lot of money on it for a reason.

Proceed with caution.
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