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Default Re: Reactions From Game 1

weren't really "supposed" to win.

Luigi had them winning of course.

Brewer and Milsap both showed a bit more offensive touch then they have. Fez even looked pretty solid in the first quarter.

Milsap did score 18+ a game as a starter last year.

I was surprised that we could stick with them through 3 quarters despite the absolutely horrendous play from Boozer.

Not to mention the 20 minutes of typical play from Price.

(the perimeter guys don't have much help off the bench with Miles, Korver and Harpring all out, Okur was gimpy etc.)

Even healthy it's a weak spot for them.

are they still just not their mentally

That's what happens when you go with a bunch of young scrubs instead of vets.

where the hell was Koufos? I was shocked to see Fez get all those minutes when Okur went down

You forget who the coach was? He'd probably be in the D League if they were healthy. He got benched behind not only Fessenko and Collins last year but the 6'7" behemoth that Sloan loves so. And that after he did nothing but good things when he played.
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