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Default Re: Does Karl miss JR?

Originally Posted by kurple
JR isn't a dead eye shooter.. He is a scorer and is better suited coming off the bench playing 32+ mpg and in crunch time..

Put Afflalo in the corner and let him defend and spread the floor

Afflalo is our best perimeter defender and should guard Kobe, Roy, Wade etc.
JR is a good defender, but not as good as AA.

Seen you post this opinion in every nuggets related thread, but can't figure out why?

Why don't you want jr in that corner spreading the floor- do you like jr more as a dribbler creator than as a shooter or attacking the rim?

Look at how hard it is to give away 12-18 minutes at the beginning of halves and still play jr 32+ mins- anyone who has seen a lot of jr should think it would be better to have more shifts from jr and the ablility to rest him if its not working- your saying he goes into the game mid 1st and 3rd qaurters and plays out both halves-

Jr needs to play with billups and be on the floor for carmelo and nene to get floor space to work with- its better for all the players- why do you see it better for jr or the team to play minutes opposite instead of with billups, carmelo, or nene?

The final thing is that jr smith is a whole level better of a player than afflalo- or even graham, balkman, ac for that matter- I know its pro basktball and we get so into who is who- but in basketball you try to play your best players and the ones that complement each other the best together as much as possible, and then the role players fill in the holes- I'm so sick of this catering to the role players the nugs have done since karl got here- it should be if its best for carmelo and nene its best for the team-

Why give up 12-18 minutes of making 5 guys cover billups/jr/carmelo/kmart/nene?
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