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Originally Posted by AppleNader
I think Game 5 showed why Team USA will forever suck balls at international competitions. A new team comprised of people like Wade, who make a living off of the superstar calls, tiny amounts of contact, getting to the line for bullshiit contact that would never even pass for a foul inthe Olympics, etc etc etc...

(btw, this has nothing to do with Mavs vs. Heat and favoritism, in case you were wondering)

the olympics/international league rules suck balls. many bs calls against duncan last time he played.

dude could not cross the lane without getting called for a foul. they allow

less contact than even the nba. foreign refs suck balls worse than nba refs, and have for quite a while..

see 72 olympics. nba refs suck. international refs suuuuccccckkkkk.
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