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Default What A Worthless Team

Maybe its just the first 4 games, but this is really the most worthless Grizzlies team I have ever seen.

They are playing exactly like I thought they would on offense with OJ, Rudy, and ZBO only looking to score the ball and taking bad shots in the process while playing almost no defense.

Why is DeMarre Carroll even receiving 20+ MPG? He flat out sucks on offense, but hes been given an opportunity to take shots.

Hasheem Thabeet is horrible, Me & Kebab agree 100% on that and have agreed on it for awhile.

Marc Gasol is having a great season so far, and I once again see no reason for us drafting Thabeet.

I was wrong about 30 wins this season, another 20-25 win season is on the horizon as we score a lot of points but give up even more.
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