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Default Need serious Fantasy Football advice

I didn't see a trades thread on the first few pages, so if Jeff/Steve want to merge this with another thread, it is fine with me.

Anyway... I have a serious decision to make. I am in a pay league and I'm currently 6-2. Lots of money on the line. I've found myself in a situation where my WRs are stacked and my RBs are totally weak.

Here are my WRs:

Desean Jackson
Percy Harvin
Santana Moss

My RBs: (Yuck)

Steve Slaton
Felix Jones
Larry Johnson
Chester Taylor

I let it be known that DJax and Harvin were on the table. I've got two very interesting trade offers...

Steven Jackson for DeSean Jackson
Ricky Williams for Percy Harvin

What do you guys think? I think I'm leaning toward Williams for Harvin.
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