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Default Re: Need serious Fantasy Football advice

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Get SJax. He's going to be far more consistent than DJax and he has some serious cupcake matchups in the last half of the season. You're never going to look at a Rams boxscore and go "WTF? Did Jackson get hurt or something?" only to find out he just sucked that game. That happens on occasion with DeSean. Maclin turning into a deep ball threat could take his catches away too.
Interesting. The "WTF" moments that you have described has happened a couple of times with DJax. The fact that he lives and dies with the big play definitely keeps me on edge. If he doesn't have those 50+ yard TDs, he tends not to produce.

I guess I could take the SJax for DJax deal and, if my other one comes through, I could also get Williams for Celek. It isn't like I can only do one of the trades.

The truth is, I need two starters at RB, the way it is looking with Slaton.
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