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Default Re: Need serious Fantasy Football advice

Originally Posted by Posterize246
If your RB's weren't so bad I wouldn't do this but I understand the position your in. Celek is McNabb's only red zone target and has the same amount of targets this year as DJax. I've got Keller in 2 leagues and you never feel comfortable starting him anymore. He's boom or busts with plenty more busts.
Trust me... I didn't want to get rid of either DJax or Celek. I would prefer to keep both. But, my situation at RB is so dire, moves were mandatory if I want to make a serious run at the top prize.

I was worried that, with all of Slaton's fumbles, he would eventually be yanked. My worst fears were realized Sunday and the fact that the backup stepped in and performed so well is a very bad sign for Steve. I may have ended up with no starting RBs on my roster.

Another issue for me is that, my record is so good, I'm too low on the waiver wire to get anyone of quality. I desperately wanted Beanie Wells last week, but I knew he was never going to fall to me on the waiver wire.

Also, DJax and Celek are never going to have higher trade value than right now. I'm always looking to trade high.

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