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Default Re: Browns GM George Kokinis no longer involved with the team

Originally Posted by mlh1981
Heard the fan interview on Mike and Mike this morning. Apparently, this guy had a meeting with Randy Lerner. Man, what a once in a lifetime thing. That's every fan's dream. To sit down with the owner of your fav. team and discuss stratagy.
It was Mike Randall or “Dawg Pound Mike”...

(guy in the middle with the dog bone hat)

He's been all over the media, because he is the one organizing the protests of the team. It has caught fire and it looks like they are going to go through with it. In Week 10, the Browns host the Ravens on Monday night. Mike has informed the fans to stay out of the stadium for the kickoff. After kickoff, they will return to their seats and be as rabid as usual, but they want the stadium to be totally empty for the initial kickoff so that people recognize our disgust.

Trust me... Lerner didn't meet with Mike out of the goodness of his heart. He did it because he is trying to reverse what would a massive PR nightmare in front of a national audience.
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