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There was a lot of expecation and hope for him coming into the season. Especially before Foye and Miller got in the bunch. But it seems like he's just caught up in all these players we have on the roster and Flip just hasn't got a chance to utilize him while giving Gil, Foye and Caron their minutes and also getting Miller and Stevenson in the game.

Here's a pretty recent article on the problem itself. It's a real bummer; I wish he would get to play.

Lost in the euphoria of the Wizards' surprising 102-91 road win over the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday was that Flip Saunders appears to have settled on a rotation -- and that doesn't bode well for youngsters and summer league superstars Nick Young and JaVale McGee. Young got his first DNP-Coach's Decision, while McGee played a total of 42 seconds near the end of the first half.

Mike James also got a DNP-CD, but that wasn't a surprise. Young and McGee entered training camp with high expectations and both made comments about how determined they were to earn Saunders's favor and get minutes. They still have time over the course of a long, 82-game season (especially given the Wizards poor run of injuries), but they didn't do enough during the preseason to win over Saunders.

Young had the most promising beginning, as he started the first game of the preseason and scored 11 points in a win against Memphis. Gilbert Arenas joked with Young before that game that he could be benched just as quickly if he didn't continue to perform well -- and that turned out to be the case for Young. He started out hot, then hit a slump, but even as he heated up again in games against Atlanta and Philadelphia, Young kept slipping in other areas.

"He's shown inconsistency," Saunders said about Young on Tuesday. "He hasn't shown an ability to grasp everything we're trying to do, the way we, or ideally how we want to play. If one guy is screwing up your offense or defense, the whole team looks bad. I talked to him about that [on Monday]. He has to become direction oriented in order to understand what those assignments are. And be able to follow out those assignments."

Young certainly improved from last season to this season, after working with Saunders and assistant Coach Sam Cassell. He doesn't try the "herky-jerky" dribbling to get his shot off as much and has developed into a better catch-and-shoot scorer. But if his shot doesn't fall, Young continues to sulk and lose track of making an impact elsewhere.

He admitted last week that he struggles when his shot doesn't fall, something that assistant Randy Wittman has urged him to fight through. "It's kinda tough being a young guy and trying to do so well," Young said.

Dominic McGuire played 2:20, with the Wizards limited in front court options, and he got the call off the bench before McGee. I don't think Saunders would hesitate to use McGee in a pinch, especially if Brendan Haywood or Andray Blatche get in foul trouble. Saunders has already made it clear that he wants to limit Fabricio Oberto's minutes.

Young has a greater challenge, because Saunders has several options at shooting guard, with Mike Miller, DeShawn Stevenson and even Randy Foye, who actually played quite well alongside Arenas. "Randy brings that Larry Hughes element where we can both play the one or two depending on who's hot and who's not," said Arenas, who has sorely missed playing alongside another playmaker and scorer like Hughes. "I work one side of the floor, he works the other."

After Foye dropped 19 points on the Mavericks, Saunders said, "He's always played well against Dallas, even when he was in Minnesota. Also, he's a popcorn player, when the lights are on, he seems to play."

Young is still hoping to become a popcorn player.
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