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Default Re: I seriously feel sorry for the Redskins

It all happens so fast

Seems just like yesterday we had a QB who was not throwing picks,a running back who was leading the NFL in rushing and we were the second best team in the NFC.Hell one of our players had a good line."NFC east,we the beast".Then the second half of the season started....

Pretty much everything has gone wrong now.We lost our PB tackle on an already weak line,possibly THE weakest,our PB tight end,and our whole team is playing like garbage.

You can bring in a prime madden who is magical and this team would not go anywhere.However bad the playcalling might be,we can't even run the simple plays.This group of guys just lacks "it".

I'm still a fan,always will be,but i think we are stuck as a lower end team for the next few seasons unless we draft jesus.

Not even going to get into ownership,words just can't describe.
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