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Default Re: Nov 8: Dallas Cowboys vs Philly Eagles... the game of the week

Game recap:

Dallas played well. The brought out the Wildcat which, if I'm not mistaken, is never used by them. It really confounded the Eagles, and IMO made their attacking defense a lot more... tame. Their offensive game plan was very strong, and defense was relatively weak.

On the other side, Philly couldn't capitalize on the weak Dallas D. Their offense was out of sync, as shown by the multiple dropped balls and passes thrown in to the dirt.

However poorly the Eagles played on offense, they played relatively well on D... went back to their 4 straight NFC title game defenses, in that they bent but did not break (until Romo remembered Austin was playing). Dropped balls on offense killed the Eagles.

In short, Dallas played well enough to be a mediocre-to-good team, and the Eagles played like a mediocre-to-good.. you do the math.

As an Eagles fan I gotta give props to Dallas, while wishing that the Eagles had some sort of confident leader. This game made me realize that McNabb has a confidence issue. With Dawkins gone, there is no one to step up when McNabb has one of his "what the hell" days...
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