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Default Re: Chiefs release RB Larry Johnson

Originally Posted by iggy>
eagles need depth, westbrook is finished. mccoy and johnson would make a great 1-2 punch

But do you see the Eagles actually using LJ? For LJ to be productive he needs carries. A guy like McCoy can hurt you catching out the backfield or with a big run. LJ? Is the type to wear down defenses. Is he willing to become Ricky Williams. Used sporadically. You'd think he have no choice given his situation. But ya never know. Also Eagles vs pass, are they gonna be balanced enough to use them as a 1-2 punch? You could argue LJ would have been perfect to use last night where Mcnabb QB sneaked. But so would have Weaver and they elected not to use him.

I dunno...I just dont have much confidence/faith in the Eagles actually running the football where adding him would make sense.
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