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First off, congrats to Dallas. You have a hell of team. They were the 1 team in these playoffs that I wanted to win if the Suns couldn't. Dirk is amazing, and Josh Howard has earned my ultimate respect.

I have never been more attatched to any Suns team than I was to this team this year. It has been a joy for me to watch how this team proved a lot of people wrong (including myself), and fought so hard all year through a lot of challenges.

Raja Bell has come out of nowhere to become my favorite player. I love everything about his game, and it was unfortunate to see him get hurt on a big stage like this when he played so well in these playoffs.

I can't say enough about Steve Nash either. Yeah, at times he struggled in these playoffs, but he never put the blame on anyone but himself. He carries himself so well, and there isn't anyone I'd rather have running the backcourt than him.

This team showed a lot of heart, and a lot of resiliancy all year. I look forward to seeing them play next season with Amare back in the fold, and maybe a few tweaks here and there. I'm proud of these guys. Thanks for a great season SUNS!!!!
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