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Default Just Get Rid of Jax Now

Jax has become a distraction, along with Ellis, and this team needs to part ways with him as soon as possible so that they can continue their own season. Jax is not a star player and shouldn't be the #1 option on any team like he is here in Oakland.

Send Jackson, Turiaf, Claxton and Wright to the Bobcats for Raja Bell, Nazr Mohammed and Boris Diaw. The Cats get their original draft pick of Wright back and an expiring contract in Claxton. Bell and Diaw played their best basketball under D'Antoni and the uptempo game which bodes well for them playing for the Warriors and Nellie. Diaw is the versatile big man that Nellie wants and Bell is a three point shooter and defender that would the ideal player to play alongside Ellis.

Bobcats Line up:

PG Felton - Augustin
SG Jackson - Henderson
SF Wallace - Radmanovic
PF Turiaf - Dudley - Wright
C Chandler - Hollins - Diop

Warriors Line up:

PG Ellis - Curry - Watson
SG Bell - Morrow
SF Azubuike - Maggette
PF Diaw - Randolph
C Biedrins - Mohammed - Moore
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