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Default Re: Where has Carson Palmer repositioned himself among the elite QB's in the game?

Originally Posted by GP_20
GOBB thinks Palmer is better than Brees

Your only argument is stat related. You're a fantasy football fan, not an actual football fan. Like you said in a thread weeks ago "there is a difference". You're the same kid who wasnt sure how good Miles Austin was. You're the same kid who today right now still doesnt know. But based on FF numbers? Oh yeah he's pretty good. You're the NFL expert when you were asking fans about certain players FF related? And I challenged you how can you be an NFL expert but clueless about the players in the NFL? You said "GOBB the fans of these teams would know more than I do. I dont know the situations in Dallas, Philly. I dont watch these teams.". So what basis do you have in arguing 2 players outside of copying/pasting thier "stats" when I gurantee you can count on 1 hand how many times you've actually watched Brees play since he arrived in N.O?

But hey ignore all of that. Explain to me what makes Brees better than Palmer to the point its LAUGHABLE TO consider otherwise. Or should i expect you to plagarise some of the things Carbine posted in this thread? Come on NFL expert. This is where you show us your stuff. See you cant close your eyes and predict a winner here. You actually gotta break it down. Like always whenever i challenge you be it bball or football? you tuck your tail, repeat what you said with an emoticon. Then during the week, in the future you'll copy/paste my statement then place an emoticon.

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