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Default Re: Where has Carson Palmer repositioned himself among the elite QB's in the game?

I don't even care that much about FF. I think you are confused.

I was asking about Mile Austin's Fantasy value, that's the part I didn't know. I know how good he is. But I didn't know how good he is in FF. You got it switched around. I know real life, not FF or stats, etc. And I was asking about how good he'd be in FF. Have I made my self clear now?

The reason I didn't know how good he is in FF is because I didn't know how the Dallas management valued him. I know he could play lights out. I knew that from preseason. I'm an expert. I see these things coming from a while back. I just didn't know if they would give him the Playing time. And thats what I was asking for when asking for his FF value.

Get it? You are clearly confused.
I know how good they are, I just don't know if he was going to get the playing time. And Dallas Fans, who have more access to the mind of the coach and team rumors, would know that. And thats why I was asking.

Otherwise, Mile Austin? I've known that guy was a beast for so long. Right when I first saw him, my expert senses told me he was good. I wasn't wrong.

I'll talk about Brees & Palmer some other day. Just wanted to clear your misunderstanding of my expert ability.
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