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Default Re: I seriously feel sorry for the Redskins

Originally Posted by triangleoffense
Part of me thinks that but the other part remembers him starting the skins last year 5-0 (or was it 5-1). Anyways the cat is an offensive coordinator, how are you going to take away offense calls away from a head coach that started out as a offensive coordinator?? If your going to take away his manhood at least try to do it to the benefit of the team. Just face it, the owner didn't want to scrap around the change to pay Zorn for the year so he hoped that zorn would just go away after he housed him on national radio but zorn refused leave cause he wanted to get paid. What did you think was going to happen?

Zorn's playcalling was terrible, especially inside the redzone. It doesn't matter who's calling the plays anymore with how decimated the OL is. Campbell is scared dropping back to pass, Portis is hurt, and Cooley is out. It's not a good situation for anyone right now.

As for the draft, it should be an OL, but they'll probably do something stupid like trade it or pick a WR or TE or some ****edass move like that.
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