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Default Re: Where has Carson Palmer repositioned himself among the elite QB's in the game?

1. the Romo hatred here is silly really...he has Carson dominated in every facet of the game...

2. how McNabb still get love here is also strange, dman near every Philly fan on the net is saying he is a washed up has-been...and his "has-been" was just a choker who choked so much he makes Romo look fact, during the Super Bowl, he literally choked up vomit

3. It is also annoying who people use Romo's post season success as the reason he is not a good QB, then they go on to talk about how great QBs like Rodgers and Ryan and Shaub and River and Brees are...who haven't done sh*t in the post season either, yet somehow are much better than Romo even though their numbers aren't...

4. If Romo isn't in our top 10 "FOR THIS SEASON" then you are just a hater...PERIOD

5. Dallas has the #3 offfense in the NFL...without OWENS!!!...and without Roy playing that great...and Witten has low numbers...IT IS ROMO!!!...OPEN YOUR F*CKIN EYES!!!
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