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Default Re: I seriously feel sorry for the Redskins

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Zorn's playcalling was terrible, especially inside the redzone. It doesn't matter who's calling the plays anymore with how decimated the OL is. Campbell is scared dropping back to pass, Portis is hurt, and Cooley is out. It's not a good situation for anyone right now.

As for the draft, it should be an OL, but they'll probably do something stupid like trade it or pick a WR or TE or some ****edass move like that.

Typical fanish response. Everything makes sense in hindsight. If it's 4th and 1 and you go for it and get a TD your a genus, if you don't then your crucified. You just proved my point by pointing out how bad everyone is playing. The head coach can only do so much, it's not like he can make campbell a better player, reduce Haynesworth's contract length/amount and heal Portis and Cooley. Your #1 back and world class TE are out and your QB sucks, Lombardi himself couldn't turn around the Redskins.
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