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Default Re: Peyton Manning Greatest QB of all-time

Originally Posted by phoenix18
So shutting down the Rams was not the most pivotal part of the pats victory?

And lets not forget Deion Branch's record setting night in the second superbowl.

Yea, Branch really set the world on fire after leaving the Pats didn't he? Before Moss/Welker, Brady had very weak talent at RB/WR/TE.

And this is news how? Brady has more rings but he's always had complete teams around him. Peyton has had no running game and no defense for most of his career and they've never had both in top shape at the same time.

What is Edgerrin James, a scrub? And Indy's defense was always much maligned, but in Peyton's playoff career his team has only given up 20.4 PPG, and outside the New England game were the dominant factor in the Super Bowl run.
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