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Default Re: Peyton Manning Greatest QB of all-time

Originally Posted by Carbine
Why can't people just enjoy Peyton Manning, & Tom Brady for that matter? I know I do. A neutral fan will hear all this GOAT talk about Manning and hate him for the hype and then becomes a hater. I know I felt that way about Brady before, but now that I just watch him play and am better off for it. Remove the hype of what the fans/media say and you'll see things you probably didn't see before.
I think this thread and the game thread are pretty solid evidence that people are enjoying both of them very much...

obviously comparisons are going to come up, that is only natural...and that is kind of the purpose to debating on sports can't just expect 5 pages of nothing but "wow, he is awesome, I like him"...

Peyton and Brady comparisons will be made till the end of time...
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