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Default Re: Peyton Manning Greatest QB of all-time

Originally Posted by SCY
What exactly would you call it? Troy Brown was a solid #2 playing #1, and they had an old Corey Dillon for a few years, but if I were to go year by year and rank team's offensive weapons, New England would always wind up in the bottom half for sure. Brady always had a good line, if that's what you're implying, but in terms of RB/WR/TE they just weren't all that good, sorry.

'03 was the only year he didn't have a lot to work with offensively. Calling Troy Brown a solid #2 and saying Dillon was old is just BS. Dillon had his best year in New England. He rushed for over 1,600 yards and had 13 TDs, but you just want to say he was old at 30?
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