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Default Re: Brandon Jennings, Bucks play vs Mavericks Monday

Holysh!t...I feel bad for all the True Bucks Fans and True Jennings Fans pre 55....Because if Jennings drops a few more 40pt games, he's gonna have a million more fans. These fans will be saying he's way better than Magic and Jordan...This will be the EPIC..."Kobe Bryant Effect".

Listen, I was a Kobe fan in his second year (thought he would be an amazing highlight dunker, nothing more, i was wrong) and once 01, 02 hit, I knew i was watching a guy who could be a great...And on everyone was feeling Bryant in 02-03 (his best yr IMO), no Stupid hating and no stupid "Kobe>>Jordan" crap was taking place....But once that "81" took place...It's been hell...Dumbass Jordan nut huggers woke up from their nap and started bashing and hating Bryant...This in reaction to the new brand of Bryant fans who not only jumped on the Boat, but ramped that mutherf*cker up...Claiming "Kobe>>Jordan" "81>>69 nuff said" type of sh!t that got every fan pissed off at the Bean...

@ These Brandon Jennings stickies...I hope the kid keeps his great play up..But this may get ugly..
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