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Default Re: Brandon Jennings, Bucks play vs Mavericks Monday

Well if he does great? This board will be spammed with threads. If he does bad? This board will be spammed with threads. then you gotta read the other side of the extreme. Jennings is overrated. Rubio >>>>> Jennings! Blah blah blah.

Kidd cant handle these speedy scoring guards. And I dont know of any defenders on Dallas who would be able too. The thing is you gotta give him the jumper and see if its falling or not. Thats the best way to defend him. Now when he gets out in transition. Uhh

What did Aaron Brooks do to Dallas this year? I didnt get to see that game. Heck I've only watched Dallas once this year. Tony Parker tears Dallas a new ahole. And this kid has similarities in his game to Tony P. Good luck. A good defensive effort from everyone could keep him quiet. Defensive effort and Dallas Mavs. Funny.
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