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Default Re: welcome earl boykins

Originally Posted by Agent_Zero
not really sure i mean if he can help out and grunfield decides to keep him then we would have a huge logjam at the guards...goddamn i just want young to get some PT. ship dominic mcguire/stevenson and boykins out for some solid PF or C. i would say amare but with phoenix's scorching start it's not entirely plausible.

really? that's great news...why is that funny?

Yeah I really do wanna see Young get more mins and continue grow, hopefully in the IQ area. Love his skillset but he has bad selection at times. He's a baller and can light it up with his array of ballhandling/athleticism/shooting but he needs to really learn an execute a set offense more consistently for me.

I also agree that it would be lovely if the Wiz could trade for another PF/C. I LOVE Amare and he has always been one of my fav players but I really think the Wiz should target someone more well-rounded on the defensive front. McGee ain't marinated for big-time yet and Haywood is solid but always been servicable more or less. He tends to get tons of fouls which is key to beating teams like Boston/Cleveland/Orlando that have deep frontcourts with physically imposing players. Need more solid defense up front but with fouls to go around too.
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