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Default NFL week 11 - ranking the games in order of importance - race to the playoffs begins

1. Denver (6-3) @ San Diego (6-3)
Clearly the game of the week. Denver looks to avoid a 4 game loosing streak and stay on top of the AFC WEST. A loss for Denver could put their playoff hopes in jeopardy.

2. Philadelphia (5-4) @ Chicago (4-5)
I believe this a must win for both teams. A win for Philly keeps their hopes for the Division Title alive and well, but a loss would put both teams at 5-5 thus giving the tie breaker for the wild card to Chicago. Chicago has to protect to their home field for this game if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive.

3. Atlanta (5-4) @ New York Giants (5-4)
A loss for either team will be brutal, but not as brutal for Chicago or Philly. Clearly Atlanta is going to New York to get their @sses kicked, because New York is coming off the BYE and Michael Turner is doubtful.

4. San Francisco (4-5) @ Green Bay (5-4)
After Green Bay's dominating performance at home against Dallas, I can't see how San Francisco can pul out a win on the road. But if San Fran wants to keep their playoff hopes alive, they better win this game. Could be a defensive struggle for both teams.

5. New York Jets (4-5) @ New England (6-3)
It's simple. If the Jets want to stay alive in the playoff race... Beat New England on the road. Easier said than done.

6. Miami (4-5) @ Carolina (4-5)
In my opinion, whoever losses this game is basically kissing the playoffs good bye.

7. Washington (3-6) @ Dallas (6-3)
Washington looks to play spoiler, and hang on to last bit of hope they have left in this classic rival. If Dallas loses this game, the $hit will hit the Fan.

8. Indianapolis (9-0) @ Baltimore (5-4)
This game is only important to Baltimore. San Diego, Pitt, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami and New York are all alive for the wild card... If Baltimore losses and drops to 5-5, it will be a tough road to get back to the playoffs.

9. Buffalo (3-6) @ Jacksonville (5-4)
We can all pretty much write off Buffalo, but this game means the world to Jacksonville.

10. Tennessee (3-6) @ Houston (5-4)
I've written off Tennessee, but Houston is alive and well.

11. Pittsburgh (6-3) @ Kansas City (2-7)
It would make things interesting in the AFC if Pittsburgh some how lost this game, but I don't see how it's possible.

12. Cincinatti (7-2) @ Oakland (2-7)
This game is pretty important if Cincy wants to keep their hopes alive for a first round bye in the playoffs.

13. Seattle (3-6) @ Minnesota (8-1)
I would rank this game a little higher if Seattle was 4-5, if Seattle was playing at home, and if there was another team in the NFC threatening the #2 seed in the playoffs.

14. Arizona (6-3) @ St. Louis (1-8)
I think Arizona could go 9-7 like they did last year and still win the division.

15. New Orleans (9-0) @ Tampa Bay (1-8)
New Orleans just needs to fight for Home Field Advantage.

16. Cleveland (1-8) @ Detroit (1-8)
Jesus Christ... Detroit doesn't deserve this. It would be funny to see Detroit get the first pick in the draft again.

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