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Default Re: Do the math, going to europe hurt jennings

Originally Posted by Mateo
I don't get all of the commentary about how Jennings NBA success is proving that going to europe in lieu of college is now a good idea. Doesn't it prove the opposite? Doesn't it show that he was... chosen to late? And why was he chosen so late, might it be because he sucked while in Europe?

Let's take a look at what could have happened. He could have gone to college and easily been the best freshman player. Given what he's doing now, it would have happened. And he would have been drafted at #2 behind Griffith, who was a force of nature. But seeing as how Thabeet was taken #2, a freshman phenom Jennings is an easy #2.

The rookie salary scale for a #2 pick would give him 11.98 million guaranteed for 3 years. For a #10 pick he gets 5.8 million guaranteed. Plus the 1.65 million contract for his european team and the 2 million in endorsements that he couldn't have gotten in college. So that's 11.98 million vs 9.47 million.

Jennings is -2.5 million for choosing to go to europe. Why are people lauding the decision now?
you must be a college hoops fan. NO he got exactly what he needed by going the route he did. How many great players went to college and got hurt, never made a dime off of basketball and lost their college money because of it?
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