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Default Re: Brandon Jennings scores 55 points in Bucks win over Warriors!

Originally Posted by adamcz
So how many hours of tv do you watch each night? On the average night, we can find you watching a euroleague game, two college games, and 4 NBA games? Or you hire an assistant to remove the commercials so that you can get through 10 games per day? Something about this story isn't checking out for me.

He said he watched them in college so that would be last year. Could have just watched some euro games with Jennings in them witch would also be last year. And it's not crazy to think he's seen each player play around 4 times in the NBA when there's been 10 games. Could be anywhere from 1-3 games a night in witch you could download\rewatch a game that you missed.

Jennings looks legit to me. But it's been 8-10 games and he's had the green light to fire whenever he wants from what I've seen. Also some of the shots he's been taking I don't see falling on a consistent basis like they have been through out the season. I know Denver wasn't respecting his jumper like they should have been and he hurt them. Non the less it's looking like he should have been drafted high but it's still early.

Some people have been really underrated the 55 point game tho. He's a rookie and regardless if It was against GS 55 points in a game is a pretty big achievement from a player in his first young .. in the first 7 games too.
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