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Default Re: ever use the finger roll or sky hook ?

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
floaters are much harder to master imo, finger roll is really easy to learn, just takes time like everything else

i dont even really know of any nba players that have a good floater, it's not really a go to move to me

plus, the finger roll being an underhand shot, its much easier to get it off imo, you can adjust in the air if you use a finger roll

i can take off, read the d, and adjust my finger roll accordingly, i can even pump fake my finger roll by delaying it a little bit, or even go up with my arm, then pull it back, go under the defenders arm/body and still get the finger roll off

you can't do that with a floater

Tony Parker has a good floater... Mo Williams has a decent one. I think John Stockton had a great one but I can't remember. A lot of players use it, just not on a regular basis.

What the hell is a floater? Is it like a teardrop of is it like a runner?

It's basically just like flip shot that you use to get the ball over taller players. Generally, it's quickly released and goes high in the air. A tear drop is the same thing... the term "tear drop" is used when it's a really high one (Like to get over Dwight Howard)... At least that's they way I have come to understand it.

which finger roll are we talking about? are we talking about a scoop finger roll or an actual finger roll being inches away fromt he rim?

I was under the impression he was talking about the old George Gervin flip roll where it flips up high in the air... Otherwise yea just a regular old finger roll is nothing special.
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