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Default Re: ever use the finger roll or sky hook ?

yeah a lot of players have hit floaters, but you cant name a single one that uses it frequently

like i said, it's not a go to move

tony parker is the first that comes to mind, and he probably hits one, what, once a week at the most?

players barely use it, if at all

and they dont use the finger roll either

my impression is that people see a player hit one or two floaters and all of a sudden it's one of their go to moves and the floater is cemented into the players repertoire immediately and people argue: "dude has a sick floater!"

no they dont, not even close

i remember in the olympics, [maybe fiba in '06] some dude hit like 4 straight floaters against usa, thats the most ive ever seen anyone use it

floater is such a hard shot to control imo
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