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Default Re: Peyton Manning Greatest QB of all-time

Honestly, I think Peyton has done more to cement his legacy (outside of the Super Bowl year) the last two seaons, than ever before. This Colts eam should not be 9-0. Their defense has been very depleted this year and the running game has been extremely inconsistent. He has had to break in two rookie WR's and is still putting up MVP numbers.

I am a Colts fan and was scared sh!tless that the Pats were going to be us by 20+ without Sanders, Jackson, and Hayden in the secondary. Peyton, time and time again, even as he gets older, seems to put together quick scoring drives when the Colts need them most.

Peyton has never had as complete and sound defenses as Brady has had at NE. This is the first year in awhile I can actually feel comfortable saying New England doesn't have a good defense. I don't know who I would say is better in the or ranked higher in the GOAT discussion. I do know that I am 22years old, and for the last 11 years of being a Colts fan I've had the pleasure of watching Peyton Manning quarterback the team I root for, and I wouldn't change that for anything.
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