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What is everyones thoughts on this guy?
We gave up what could have been a decent pick for this guy who is suppose to be tipped to take over at point after nash retires which i think is the most ridiculous comment ever.
I just feel like they made a big deal about him and i really havnt seen anything yet. especially compared to watching the phoenix v new orleans game the other day where new orleans 2 back up pg's in collison and thorton had fantastic games and looked very promising.
When i watch dragic i just hope for not many turnovers and basically nothing else.

I reckon we should be chasing jarryd bayless, hes fallen out of rotation with portland and hes from phoenix and played for arizona state. Im sure hed love to play in phoenix and hes i saw highlights of his college seasons and hes deffinantly got talent if given the time.
Hed be far better back up pg than dragic

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