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Originally Posted by DirtBag
It took Nash a while to get recognized as an elite PG.. this guy has shown flashes but usually follows it up with lackluster performances. He's still young and adjusting to the NBA, I think he needs a few more years (which he has, as long as Nash is here) to really hone his niche in the league. I think the person that should be looked at with such scrutinity is Barbosa, he was supposed to be our backup pg to Nash many years ago. then they realized he'd never be a PG so they moved him to more of SG role for the team. He's way to streaky, I hope he of all people gets moved next now that Diaw is gone.
I agree with most of this.
Personally, I think Goran's magnificent. Right now, he's growing as a player. He has time. He shows Nash-like spurts and is daring on his passing. He's got a good shot for a lefty, he can shoot the three...he's got a good skillset. He's just gotta work on being strong and consistent. The guy's got a lot of hustle and a genuine desire to play the game well...and he will. Just give it time.

Barbs is not a backup for Nash. That is set. He doesnt have the court vision, he refuses to pass the ball sometimes on the fast break, he doesnt run the pick and roll very well, he's not an excellent passer and his game has sort of declined from a couple years ago. I dont know if he's grown shy or just hasn't found his niche with this new team...but I dont love him anymore.
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