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Default Praise/Critique a player on your team

LeSean "Shady" McCoy

Brief: 21 year old rookie running back, 2nd round pick, 5'10" 198 lbs
Season: 4.3 ypc, 3 rush TD, 23 catches, 2 fumbles

Praise: Just a 21 year old rookie stepping up into a situation where he's expected to take over the reigns from Brian Westbrook. And really, this guy is a Westbrook clone. Great player to have in a west coast offense because he's such a great receiver, especially in the screens. Has great agility especially dodging linemen to turn a -2 yard run into a +3 yard run. Decent runner between the tackles.

Critique: Has fumble issues. Has 2 on the season already and was close to 3, but 1 was ruled that he was down by a hair. Has to learn to hold on to the ball better on his long runs and keep the defender behind him from poking it out. Mentioned earlier he was a Westbrook clone but there is one difference that made Westbrook on another level. BW had that 5th gear he could kick it into easily to get away from the defense, Shady rarely gets out of 4th. Needs to work on his blocking more, barely affects the pass rusher.
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