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Default Re: Praise/Critique a player on your team

Originally Posted by Raj Da Dodge


Brief: 28 years old, 6'3 and 223 lbs. WR for the Houston Texans. Went to the University of Miami and got drafted by the Texans 3rd overall in the 2003 NFL Draft and now is the best WR in the league!

2009 Season Stats: 54 rec, 800 yds, 4 TD

Praise: Ummm I dont even know where to start with this guy Well he's the best receiver in the league...and I'm not biased either, he really is...ummm he's just a monster when he catches the ball. So like he's a beast at YAC. I mean I really dont know much to say about him

Critique: ummm....I really don't have one...if yall find one yall can do Andre Johnson

good stuff. you forgot that he runs over linebackers and doesn't puss out on the sidelines like most top receivers but that's it. good stuff.
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