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Default Re: Help on Layups/Floaters high off the glass...

Originally Posted by MannyO
But its so hard to get the right angle off the back board while in motion. I tryed it, also tryed putting it high off the glass but I wont fall.

Its all about the soft touch. It will go in if your soft with it. You gotta have the touch first. its hard to explain.

If you put the ball high in the air before the block by the bigger man, then it doesnt matter how slow, or soft it is. If he the defender cant touch it then it just doesnt matter. Just practice putting the ball gentely off the back board then start moving your way up the back board, and adjust as needed.

Pro's have alot of experience and have practiced it alot. Im no pro at it, but im pretty consitent with it, but its definatly not my go to move.

Its all about practice!
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