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Default Re: Bobcats Off Topic Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Quizno
we went camping at Lake Hemet, have you heard of it? it's a pretty nice spot, but we left a day short because of unexpected snow. i loved it though, i've actually never experienced snow before (and i'm 17, jeez) so i can't even explain how much fun i had throwing snowballs at the family haha. 9 degree weather is ridiculous when you're used to around 80 at daytime!

You were in the high desert. 9 degree weather is ridiculous, you're right. But the desert is so awesome. People can't imagine that unless they've spent time in the many deserts in southern CA. One of my friends told me that L.A. had 86 degree weather on Thanksgiving. Preparing for the December 90s and Santa Ana winds. (You're 17? I wouldn't have known it!).
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